There probably aren’t too many people who would put carpet cleaning at the top of their list of fun things to do. It’s easy for us to understand this mindset because we feel precisely the same way. Realistically, it’s easier to do the easier tasks more often to put off having to do the harder work. This is called prevention and is a good approach. It is a lot easier to vacuum than it is to shampoo, so we like that idea and we vacuum our carpeting several times during the week. This will help keep your carpet looking nice and also keep it clean longer.

Vacuum Regularly

Have you ever had a water pipe break and flood your carpet? If so, you are familiar with the damage to your carpets when this happens. That is why you should either have a wet vacuum or have a carpet shampooer that has that ability. Some of the better shampooers on the market can serve well as a substitute wet vac even though they are not as powerful as industrial wet vacs. However, it would be necessary to vacuum up every bit of water you can, not only to preserve your carpet, but to avoid health problems that could arise, as well. One thing you have to watch for if your carpet has flooded is the development of mold. When it starts, it can get out of control very fast, and the only solution at that time is to buy new carpets.

There are many methods you can use to clean your carpeting. The results you get will vary between the methods. One method you will find very easily is steam cleaning your carpeting.

Use Shampoo For Carpets

This is a good method if you prefer not to use chemical products or shampoo. However, you have to be sure to do it correctly. One mistake that causes problems is when all the moisture isn’t removed from the carpet at the end of the cleaning process. As you are no doubt aware, the steam – as it cools – condenses into water that settles into the pile of your carpet. So at the end of the process the excess water has to be removed. If that is not done, then you will run the risk of mold forming which is not a good thing.

Develop a Cleaning Regimen

Taking good care of your flooring and doing regular carpet cleaning depends on what you have in your home. If you have pets such as dogs, cats, or birds, then you need to do more than someone who does not. As an example, pets shed dander everywhere, wherever they go inside your home. Dander is natural to these types of pets. It resembles a dust and is bad for allergies. Pets will make it necessary to clean your home more often, and your carpet cleaning routine will change somewhat. In order to keep the level of dander down in your home, you will most likely need to thoroughly vacuum more often. With pets in the house, you will probably be safer if you vacuum two times a week in order to keep the dander removed.

Setting up a carpet cleaning regimen boils down to common sense. Just look closely at your rugs and decide what you need to do to keep them clean. Even if this isn’t your top priority, and there are more interesting things to think about, give it some serious thought so your carpet stays clean and your health is protected. The best way to ensure clean and healthy carpets, and also make them easier to keep clean, is to vacuum them thoroughly once or twice a week without fail.