If you’re planning to do any home improvement or repairs, it’s important to have the right tools. Not having a tool or vital piece of equipment can really slow you down, if not stop you. If you have the wrong tool, it can cause you to make mistakes or even cause damage. The specific tools you will need for your job hinge on what it is you wish to accomplish, but we will discuss some fundamental tools that are always helpful to have in your home.

When it comes to the tools you need for home improvement projects, make sure you have all the basics covered. Screwdrivers are an essential part of any project like this, especially kits that come with different sizes and styles. These should be of both the flat and Phillips type to handle both kinds of screws. A good claw hammer is also something that you’ll need for almost any type of job. Having a few types of useful pliers is also a good idea, and you have to make sure you’re using the right kind for the job you’re doing. One particular type, slip joint pliers, are among the most useful and adjustable that are available. A pry-bar is another excellent tool to have for removing shingles or flooring that needs to be taken up.

A wrench is a tool that’s essential for many tasks, and you should have a couple of different kinds nearby. Coming in a variety of dimensions, nuts and bolts often require an adjustable wrench to take care of certain situations. Lubricating your wrenches is necessary, especially to prevent them from getting jammed or stuck. Discarding an old rusty wrench is sometimes necessary. So is buying a new one. Automatically adjusting wrenches are very useful, making it very easy to fit around a nut or bolt without modifying it yourself. It’s also good to have a combination wrench set on hand, which allows you to either tighten or loosen nuts.

Another essential for a lot of home improvement jobs is having a quality ladder. If you decide to paint the outside of your house, not only will you need a ladder, you will need more than one, because you will be climbing up to various heights. For indoor tasks, you won’t need to climb very high, so a stepladder will be all you need. Any time you need to get on the roof, an extension ladder is a must have. Not all ladders can hold the same weight, so make sure you check the duty ratings. When you combine your weight with what you are going to be carrying, you will know how heavy-duty the ladder you have to buy will need to be. For your own safety, get a ladder that will hold you, plus anything you will be carrying up with you. You also need a ladder that is long enough, so you don’t have to stretch out, which can be dangerous. “Do-it-yourself” projects are a great way to save a lot of cash on home improvement, but tools are necessary, and you may have to buy them. The ones we’ve mentioned in this article are just some of the items that might be essential, depending on what you have in mind. Getting the job done begins with having the right tools at your disposal so your project can be completed in an appropriate manner. Always remember, safety comes first!