Warming up a home interior is for most people almost a reflex action – simply push this button or turn up this dial. There are many ways though, which could be just as handy but with other advantages. You can heat your house, your local school or business in a cost effective manner by installing solar powered energy, which is rather easy to do. There are many ways to catch sunshine, even during the winter months. What you need is something like a sun room which attracts the sunshine and catches the heat.

Floor to ceiling glass panels are utilized to construct a sun room, which is normally affixed to the home. To get the whole effect of the heat, these rooms are typically located so they are facing the morning sun. The sun rays get into the room unimpeded by the glass and warm all the things within it. The heat is held in the room, and isn’t able to escape out through the glass. The heating is rather efficient so long as the room is built properly, and of course it is entirely natural.

Some of the other types of solar power heat include such things as thermal mass, which retains the heat as soon as it absorbs it. It does this when the sun is out, holding in the heat and then dispersing it when the sun sets. Then there is the trombe wall, a natural solar heating as well as ventilation system which operates by the use of air channels which hold the heat. A thermal mass and a glass object are positioned to face the sun, and the heat is caught between them. Heat stored within the wall is radiated by the wall and distributed through vents. Another one that also utilizes a wall facing the sun is a transpired collector, which warms the air with the absorbed sunshine, as it enters the ventilation system.

Solar is not just for warming, you also get solar cooling systems for ventilating buildings. This innovative method features a steam engine powered by solar with an attached cooling device. This absorbs the heat from the steam and transforms it to ice. A different sort of solar ventilation system, made out of a thermal mass that’s been hollowed out, is the solar chimney. Air inside the chimney is heated up and as it rises it is circulated to where it is required. As you can see there are several ways that businesses and houses can be heated up. There are more ways, but these few serve to illustrate how the sun’s heat can be utilized by using natural materials. Only green resources are used and the heating is entirely natural.

If you wish to stop utilizing non-renewable resources to warm your house, the examples provided earlier should provide food for thought. They utilize the power of the sun. You will need to reside in a place where the sun shines on a consistent basis to completely use any of these systems. All of us have to have a source of heat in order to keep our houses warm.